Academic lecture notice of Zang Jiadong-qfnu-english
Academic lecture notice of Zang Jiadong
May 29, 2017

Subject1: Skyrmions in Helimagnets

Lecturer: Zang Jiadong

Contents: A Skyrmion is a topological configuration in which local spins wrap around the unit sphere for an integer number of times. After decades of theoretical discussions in high energy physics, it has been recently observed in a series of non-centrosymmetric chiral magnets. Several experiments by neutron scattering or transmission electron microscopy confirm the presence of skyrmions in a crystalline state at a finite window of magnetic field and temperature. Skyrmions show various novel properties inherent to its topological nature, such as topological Hall effect, topological stability, and ultralow critical current for movement, which offer the skyrmion promising prospects for next generation spintronic devices and information storage. In this talk, I will explain the physical origin of skyrmions in chiral magnets and its unique topological dynamics related to the emergent electromagnetism. I will then focus on our recent works on discovering new skyrmion materials, skyrmion in confined geometries, and electron transports of the skyrmion materials.

Starting Time:3:00pm  May 31, 2017

Location:College of physics and engineering QNU