Activities on Chinese Food and Tea Culture in CINB-qfnu-english
Activities on Chinese Food and Tea Culture in CINB
September 5, 2017

Recently Confucius Institute in New Brunswick (CINB) held a series of experience activities on Chinese food and tea culture in Oromocto School District. The local primary and secondary students enjoyed a taste and flavor feast of Chinese food with a long history. The activities were successfully organized with the active participation of the local education leaders and school principals and more than a thousand CINB teachers and students.

People tasted the traditional Chinese food including jiaozi, tangyuan, dim sum and candy, and had a specific understanding of the Chinese tea culture by drinking black tea and green tea. They also personally made jiaozi, performed tea art show, and appreciated the charm of Chinese food and tea culture in practice.

Ms. Jing Teng, Chinese Director of CINB, attended and highly spoke of the activities. The principle of a local high school personally presented the completion certificates of Chinese language to the students and expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Chinese teachers for their serious responsibility, hard work and outstanding teaching achievements.

(Sourced from QFNU Office of International Cooperation and Exchange; Written by Fu Qiang; Edited by QFNU News Center)