Vanier College Delegation Visits QFNU-qfnu-english
Vanier College Delegation Visits QFNU
May 26, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017, a delegation headed by Mr. John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College, paid a visit to QFNU. Mr. Zhang Honghai, President of QFNU, met with the delegates.

Mr. Zhang extended his warm welcome to the delegates and gave a brief introduction to the development, disciplines, characteristics and foreign exchanges of QFNU. Mr. Zhang said that good interaction had been maintained between Vanier and QFNU on exchanges and visits of teachers and students and vivifying fruits had been achieved since the establishment of friendly relationship between both sides. He hoped that this visit to QFNU could further promote more pragmatic exchanges and the jointly development of both schools.

Mr. McMahan offered the information of Vanier College. "Both sides has been actively engaged in cooperation and made fruitful achievements," he said, "I hope that we could continue to expand the scope of cooperation and deepen the areas of cooperation so that more teachers and students would benefit from the coopeartion."

Both sides had detailed consultations and discussions on French language teaching, physics teaching, exchanges and visits of teachers and students and others.

Vanier College, established in 1970, is a publicly-funded English Language CEGEP located in Montreal, Canada, with the student population numbering over 6,000. QFNU began its friendly relations and cooperation with Vanier College in October 2011.

(Sourced from QFNU News Center; Written by Fu Qiang; Edited by QFNU News Center)