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Lone Star College Delegation Visits QFNU
April 13, 2017



Tuesday, April 11, 2017, a delegation headed by Mr. Stephen C. Head, Chancellor of Lone Star College (LSC) paid a visit to QFNU. Mr. Zhang Honghai, President of QFNU met with the guests and presented Mr. Head the letter of appointment for honorary professor.

Mr. Zhang extended warm welcome to the delegation and gave a brief introduction to the development, characteristics and foreign exchanges of QFNU. “QFNU is always committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation with American colleges and universities," said Mr. Zhang, "and both sides have intensified exchanges and achieved fruitful results since the cooperative relations were established with LSC in 2013." Mr. Zhang hoped that Mr. Head's visit could further promote the cooperation and exchange programs in more fields between both schools for jointly development.

Mr. Head introduced LSC's development, disciplines, international exchanges and so on, and expressed his good wishes to further promote the exchanges and cooperation and parallel development with QFNU.

Both sides also exchanged ideas on student exchange programs, inter-school visits, discipline cooperation, student visits and practice in depth.

During his visit, Mr. Head exchanged views on cultural exchanges and scholar visiting with the teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages and the School of History and Culture.

April 12, 2017, the delegation arrived on the Rizhao Campus and welcomed by Mr. Hu Qingxue, Vice President of QFNU. A consensus was reached on exchanges and cooperation with those concerned.

(Sourced from QFNU News Center; Written by Fu Qiang; Edited by QFNU News Center)